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Choose from our growing devotionals at the affordable price of $22.50 per booklet!  Each issues is 3 months worth of material packed with games and activities to do each day!  Thanks for letting us grow in God with you!

Ages 8-12 (and adults who are "young-at-heart")

"Rufus & Clyde and The Stench of Doom"

Something smells rotten?

And Rufus and Clyde are going to get to the bottom of it!  Come and follow along this 90 day adventure while reading God's word.  See if Rufus and Clyde can get to the bottom of this ghastly odor before it's too late.

Asking, Seeking and Knocking (Matthew 7: 7-8) will be the tools needed to complete this task.  This 90 day issue focuses on bible scriptures targeting the persistence of seeking after God for directions, solutions and comfort.  Packed with fun activities to do each and everyday, come and join in on the fun!                                  ISBN 9780998933207
$22.50    look inside

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