About HKM
Cheryl Jones-Booth is a proud wife and mother who lives in Buffalo New York.  Her love for writing and drawing has always been a passion since her childhood. She is the founder of HoneyKeep Ministries and she hopes that her work touches the many lives of ALL those it comes near.
She leaves this message: 
"For all those who dare to dream, make sure your dreams are BIG and sitting in a dream cloud crafted and molded by Jesus Christ hand's.  Only then will your dreams truly succeed and drift in the sky in whatever direction God blows them"
Cheryl Jones-Booth
HoneyKeep Ministries is a self-publishing company founded by Cheryl Jones-Booth.  The ministry focuses on helping New-to-Christ families break the ice of finding out about Jesus Christ, exploring the bible, reading scriptures and having fun everyday.  The material is also helpful for seasoned christian families who also want to have a little fun while reading the word on a daily basis.

Additional benefits offered through our material includes:
  • Silly stories and activities that helps children be confident, faith based, caring, creative and curious about "What would Jesus do?
  • Following the story line and reading the scriptures helps to build children's reading skills and encourages hands on fun.  It also encourages a lifetime love of reading.
  • Acivities are engaging and attractive.  Guaranteed to keep little minds busy and entertained with clean biblical humor and fun!